Blankets made by Afghan widows were distributed to orphaned children in Parwan and Kapisa provinces. Funds to purchase materials for the blankets were raised through donations to ARYA.
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The Cost of War and Freedom

Read a young woman's account of the difficulties of life in Afghanistan and an unplanned flight to freedom in the U.S. - Click here to read the story.

Read: The Tears and Sighs of a Widow

ARYA News from Afghanistan

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Photos above: ARYA Community Involvement in 2008

Update to our gracious donors about recent activities and changes in the way ARYA will conduct future activities in Afghanistan

We are modifying the way we conduct our work in Afghanistan due to incompetency of local government and impossible and dangerous condition of providing any donation to the orphans and widows in Kapisa.

Unfortunately, the incompetency of the local government in Afghanistan has made it dangerous and impossible for our ARYA volunteers here in the US and our ARYA volunteers in Kapisa to provide further donations to the orphans and widow in Kapisa. Therefore, ARYA must modify the way we conduct our work, although we will NOT change our goal of helping orphans and widows.

In order to relieve our volunteers in Kapisa, ARYA will join with other non-profit organizations to help the needy in Afghanistan. ARYA will provide its proceeds from donations and sale of our goods to an already established Afghan-German organization,, that supports a medical clinic in Kabul. This clinic provides free medical care and medicine to internally displaced people in Kabul. Internally displaced people are refugees returning from neighboring countries after fleeing Afghanistan in 2001 and who are living in tent cities in Kabul due to lack of security and infrastructure in their own regions.

ARYA will also sponsor two widows with children through the Kocha organization, Kocha tries to reduce child labor and has commitment to education. Widows enrolled in Kocha will receive a payment of $50 a month as long as one child from that home is enrolled in school. We hope that our new focus will impact many lives and provide help and hope for the future.


March 7, 2013 - 6PM
“Interfaith Amigos” to Speak at Dinner and Lecture

Plans are set for an interfaith dinner, Thursday, March 7, 6 p.m., at College View Church, 4801 Prescott Ave. The event aims to bring together Muslims, Jews and Christians under the theme, “Family Values in Abrahamic Traditions.”

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Purchase of ARYA goods

Alterations All has been very kind to let us have a display in their business. We have a collection of semi-precious stone jewelry, embroidered shirts and bags in the following location.

Alterations All
1141 N. Cotner Blvd.
Lincoln, NE 68505
Phone: 402-464-1551
Hours of operation:
Weekday 10-5:30
Saturday 10-1:30

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