Clothes Project

While surveying the Parwan and Kapisa areas for the blanket project, YCDP found that not only the blankets but clothes were needed as well. The blanket project was planned to be completed before the important Muslim holiday of Eid. Because the tradition of Eid was for children to receive new clothes for the celebration, we decided to have the blanket project and the clothes projects running concurrently so that the distribution of the items to the orphanages by YCDP could happen at the same time and in time for Eid.

This project was such a joy for all the children, especially those whose clothes were no better than rags. Many of the children had witnessed first hand the killing of their parents and siblings and had to bear a burden that no child should. A simple gift of new clothes and a blanket of their own brought comfort and hope to the harsh winter days and to a holiday as important to them as Christmas is to Christians.

As with the blanket project, we plan to repeat this project as often as we have funding to do so.

If you would like to contribute to our ongoing clothes project for materials and salaries to have the clothes made, please click here and indicate your project preference. !00% of your donation will go for this project.




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