Life in Afghanistan and an unplanned Flight to Freedom

Part 1 - Dawn

Early morning of May 17th 1977, the weather is wonderful and one can easily smell the fresh taste of flowers and trees, the noise of river mixed with the wind blowing in trees makes it more enjoyable. All the lands surrounding the small houses are totally covered by green leaves of different crops. The small valley Tapazar, which means village of hills, is quiet and looks beautiful under the whitish color of dawn. This small valley is located in the northern city of Kohistan(mountainous), Parwan province, Afghanistan.

The one largest house of all, which is located in the middle of the valley…belongs to a respected man who owns most of the land around: and the surrounding houses all belong to the people who work for him on his lands.

An aged lady is sitting next to the door of one of the rooms holding the holy book in her hand and praying from time to time. All the female workers are sitting in a line in the yard and are all praying: every one says “God you help her”. The old man with his son and other male workers are all sitting in the mosque and praying the same as the ladies inside, and all are waiting to hear some news from the small room located in the corner of the yard. What is going on in that room? A young lady is trying to give birth to her first child. After three hours of struggle…the baby is out…a strong baby is lying on the crib and has no breath. The doctor picks the baby up, looking to the grandma says, “I will try once more, but God knows better since she stayed longer in her mother’s womb, so I think she is no more…” Her sentence was not completed and the baby started crying.

Yes, this was my first struggle with life and my first dawn in the world, the story of which I have heard from my grandma. My name is "B" (name omitted from this web site for security) and I was born in a middle class family in small valley at the northern part of Afghanistan, the first of five children.

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