Medical Clinic Project

The need for medical services in Afghanistan has reached a crisis point. Many people have to travel to India in order to obtain medical treatment. The poverty rate is so high that most people cannot afford the trip and go without. ARYA would like to provide a clinic for the people of the Kapisa province. This province was chosen because of the availability of space for the clinic and also eventually for land that could be donated by ARYA for the building of a ‘stand alone’ clinic. This province is one most in need of help because it constituted the front line of fighting between the Opposition forces and the Taliban and Communist regimes.

This project is currently being formulated and a brief summary of the framework of the project is as follows. The clinic would start small with 1 or 2 Afghan doctors being paid by ARYA and occupying space donated by ARYA. The clinic would be stocked by applying to Medicos Sans Frontierres (Doctors without Borders) and Pharmacists without Borders.

We would eventually like to expand by building a clinic on land donated by ARYA or the people of the province. The construction would be paid for by submission and acceptance of a grant to the World Food Program, Habitat and UNICEF on behalf of ARYA and the people of the province.

If you would like to contribute funds towards the salary of the doctors and/or nurses, please click here. 100% of your donation will go toward funding this project.





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