As stated in ARYA's mission statement, one of goals is to formulate and implement projects providing educational opportunities that could be applied towards rebuilding a new and peaceful Afghanistan.

The following projects are described in the hope that you will be moved to help support ARYA's goals through your tax-exempt donations.

Blankets for Afghanistan

Funds raised will be used to purchase materials for blankets to be made and given to the orphans of Afghanistan. The blankets will be sewn by hand by Afghan widows, giving them a valuable source of a life-sustaining income.

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Clothes for Afghanistan

Similar to the Blankets for Afghanistan project, clothing will be made for orphans by the widows of Afghanistan. The material for the clothes will be purchased from local vendors, thus providing an important boost to a depressed economy.

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Literacy and Education Project

Surveys conducted during the 2003 Blankets for Afghanistan project revealed that the desire to be able read and write was an important issue to the people of Parwan and Kapisa provinces. This project will provide teachers.

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The Bakery Project

The widows of Parwan requested that ARYA build a bakery so that the time they previously spent collecting wood, lighting the fire for the oven and baking bread could be instead spent attending literacy classes and caring for their children. ARYA is proud to announce that this request has been met.

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Medical Clinic Project

The need for medical services in Afghanistan has reached a crisis point. Many people have to travel to India in order to obtain medical treatment. The poverty rate is so high that most people cannot afford the trip and go without. ARYA would like to provide a clinic for the people of the Kapisa province.

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Community Council

A community council is a self-sustaining, service-oriented project that addresses a combination of community specific needs. The plan of the ARYA/YCDP council consists of three branches: Literacy Education, Vocational Education, Medical Clinic

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ARYA is seeking volunteers to research and to help write grants to fund our projects. If interested, please e-mail us.

Uniforms made by widows that were funded by donations to ARYA

This signs carried by the children are statements of thanks and appreciation.


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