About ARYA

ARYA was created by two young Afghan cousins whose experiences with war in Afghanistan led them to devise a way to help their countrymen at a distance. One cousin, born and raised in Kabul, was a refugee from the Communist regime and has been in the United States for nearly 12 years. The other cousin, born in Kohistan, Parwan province, attended school in Kabul and Mazar City before leaving during the Taliban rule and has been in America for less than 3 years.

The Youth and Children Development Program (YCDP) was established by the latter cousin through work with the UN. YCDP is now registered and recognized by the government of Afghanistan and has more than 3000 volunteer members throughout the country. YCDP functions as ARYA’s on-site implementing partner in Afghanistan. This unique partnership of two completely volunteer groups, ARYA and YCDP, allows us to use 100% of donated monies for funding of various projects rather than taking a percentage to pay overhead costs here in the U.S.

Our collaboration also allows us to purchase goods and materials needed for the various projects from local Afghan merchants and to pay local people to perform the work for us. This ensures that the money stays within the Afghan economy at different levels and thus can benefit more people.

ARYA’s ultimate goal is to establish vocational training projects that would be self-sustaining and that could also contribute funds for non self-sustaining projects. ARYA is truly a unique organization at all levels and can continue only with the help and generosity of our donors.



The mission of ARYA is three fold:
1)To provide accurate information about Afghanistan and the current situation
2) To make people aware of the plight of orphan youth and widows in Afghanistan, and
3) To formulate and implement projects providing educational opportunities that could be applied towards rebuilding a new and peaceful Afghanistan.
Our mission embraces the achievement of self-sufficiency and self-determination through the provision of literacy and vocational programs and at the same time supplying some of the basic life essentials needed for day to day survival that are currently lacking.
ARYA hopes to forge connections between the individuals of America and individuals in Afghanistan that embody good will toward all peoples, that foster understanding, appreciation and acceptance of diverse cultures and that cannot fail to contribute in some measure to the overall peace and prosperity of a nation long torn apart by war.
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